Cushion Offerings


Titan is a ¼”, 8 lb rebond pad.

Ultra Magic

Ultra Magic is a 3/8”, 8 lb rebond pad. Its bonded foam extends the life of your carpet while adding comfort and reducing noise. Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified.

Healthier Living

Healthier Living is a 75 oz synthetic anti-microbial and non- allergenic rubber pad designed specifically to fight mold, mildew, and other allergens. It provides excellent sound insulation and does not crumble or deteriorate with age. Spill Bloc keeps stains from bleeding through the cushion. Suitable for any non-woven carpets.

Healthinex Titanium

Healthinex Titanium is a 3/8 inch thick, 10 lb high-density visco-elastic memory foam pad that features a breathable moisture barrier and built-in anti-microbial protection. Its dense structure extends your carpet’s life whiling preventing long-lasting indentations. It also has the lowest VOC emissions of any man-made cushion - ideal for radiant heat.


Tred-Mor is a ¼ inch, 68 oz synthetic rubber pad perfect for heavy traffic areas like commercial and stair applications. It also works well under woven carpet!

Healthier Choice

Healthier Choice is a true ½” luxurious high density memory foam that shares all the revolutionary benefits of the Healthinex pad. Its thickness makes it most suitable for plush and cut – loop carpets. Not ideal for all looped and woven carpets.


Big Foot wool pad is a 3/8”, 36 oz natural pad made from 100% shorn wool. While most other pads depend on petroleum, this wool pad is all natural and environmentally friendly.